National Eye Exam Month – You Need One More Than You Think

August is National Eye Exam Month. The health of your eyes is at the core of you well-being, don’t put off scheduling your annual eye exam as it can help detect and prevent eye disease.

At Visual Eyes, our mission is to have our clients visualize life with healthy eyes. We have the most advanced technology in the area. Our iWellness technology allows us to provide you with a very detailed eye exam due to the crystal clear pictures it provides of all structures of the eyes.

Here are the benefits of having an eye exam annually and why you need one:

Know Your Prescription

An annual eye exam is vital to monitor vision changes over time. Your prescription changes almost every year and it is important to detect changes in order to keep your vision healthy. Our technology determines the perfect prescription for you in seconds, we will also determine whether contacts or glasses are the best fit for you.

Detect and Prevent Eye Conditions

 The benefit of the iWellness technology is early detection of eye conditions such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and cataracts. This allows us to quickly diagnose and treat these conditions so they do not become more serious and begin affecting your vision.

Make That Headache Go Away

Constant, unexplained headaches may be resolved by paying a visit to the Optometrist. Headaches are sometimes caused by eye strain either due to spending too much time in front of your computer or because you need glasses.

Your Kids Will Do Better in School

Kids bringing home bad grades? Maybe you should get their eyes checked. One out of every four children needs vision correction and is one of the biggest reasons your child may be falling behind in school. Vision problems in children very often go undetected and are the top contributors to reading and learning difficulties in general.

Take advantage of this information and schedule your eye exam today! Your eyes and body will thank you!

We are located in beautiful Mizner Park. Schedule a consultation with our board certified optometrists and see just how much Visual Eyes can do for you!

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