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Why you should see an eye doctor regularly – by Men’s Health

Recently Men’s Health published an article about how often you should see your eye doctor.

The researchers found that 58 percent of people with no known vision symptoms when they went in for a routine eye exam actually had at least one significant change noted by their eye doctor.

Walking around with an outdated prescription isn’t exactly harmless: You’re more likely to experience eyestrain, headache, and dizziness, according to lead researcher Elizabeth Irving, Ph.D., professor of optometry and vision science at the University of Waterloo.

The researchers also classified 14 percent of the changes seen on exams as “new critical diagnoses,” which means conditions that could result in either partial or full loss of vision. The most common of these critical diagnoses was glaucoma.

Glaucoma—a group of diseases that damage your eye’s optic nerve—usually occurs without many obvious symptoms at first. And when symptoms like distorted vision or partial vision loss do crop up, they usually appear gradually.

That means it may take awhile for you to notice that something’s wrong. And if you wait until the problem becomes severe to get it checked out, it may be too late, she says. Like many other conditions, glaucoma treatment options and outcomes are potentially better if you catch it early.

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Link to full article on Men’s Health below.

Why You Should See an Eye Doctor Regularly-Even If You Think Your Vision Is Great

Even if you’re not squinting to see the clock, it doesn’t mean your eyes are in the clear: Many people have vision problems and don’t even know it, a new study published in Optometry and Vision Science suggests.

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