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Visual Eyes is celebrating 100,000 eye exams!

We’re very excited to announce a new milestone. Visual Eyes has reached over 100,000 eye exams performed in our Mizner location since 1987.

To help celebrate this awesome achievement, for a limited time, we will be offering the latest iWellness Exam to all patients at no extra charge to the regular eye exam. Our way of saying thanks to all the patients that have chosen us throughout the years to help to achieve and maintain healthy eyes.

Our commitment to deliver the best eye care

At Visual Eyes Optical, we are committed to protecting your eye health by offering the most advanced eye care technology available, and we are excited to announce that our comprehensive eye exam now offers the iWellnessExam.

The iWellness Exam is fast, easy and comfortable for patients of all ages and gives our doctors valuable information about the health of your eyes and your most precious gift, your sight!

Yes, our eye exam just got better. We are the only eye doctor in our area to offer the iWellness Exam. This technology allows our eye doctor to see beneath the surface of your retina, where signs of disease first appear. Traditional eye exams and retinal photography do not provide this level of detail.

Leran More About iWellness Here

Our journey to 100K

Visual Eyes has been located at Mizner Park Boca Raton since day one. We were Mizner’s first tenant.

Although we have been located on the same spot since 1987, we have made some renovations and improvements overs the years to best accommodate our practice, patients and customers.

Here are some photos showing our journey and changes in our optical over the years.

Storefront and interior after first renovation in the early 2000’s

Phase 1 – Interior after first renovation in the early 2000’s

Phase 2 – Interior after second renovation, before expansion

Current optical showroom Visual Eyes Mizner Park (2016)

Current Pre-Test room Visual Eyes Mizner Park (2016)

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